Woody Sparkling water makers - Basic Package

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With this combo pack, you get a Woody sparkling water maker including a 1L water bottle and a CO₂ cylinder from Mysoda to start using your sparkling water maker right away. Please note that this cylinder does not yet contain any aroma. However, you can order this with our CO₂ cylinders without any problems.

The Woody sparkling water maker is the ultimate combination of sustainability and design. Instead of fossil plastic, the housing is made of almost 100% renewable biocomposite, which is composed of by-products and residues from the pulp and sawmill industry. The resulting wood fibre nuggets visible on the surface give the device a unique look.

In addition, the material is also haptically appealing. With its light and timeless design, the Woody suits modern kitchens. In use, the sparkling water maker is particularly quiet and has a practical quick-release fastener for the water bottle.

This Woody basic package contains for you:

  • Mysoda Woody sparkling water maker
  • 1L water bottle
  • Mysoda CO₂ cylinder

Weight of this basic package:

  • 2,62 kg

Dimensions of the appliance:

  • Height: 40.8 cm
  • Width: 13 cm
  • Depth: 24.5 cm
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