Nature provides us with a rich treasure of raw materials and natural flavors. We use this diversity at SodaTASTE. Our brand stands for sustainable solutions and an environmentally conscious way of life.
Our creative inventiveness finds its origins in people's minds. We only produce what really tastes good: We not only communicate closely with our team and our customers - what's more, we include them in our development processes.

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    Your freshly sparkling water with the unmistakable taste is just a push of a button away. Make it easy for yourself: Save yourself the many bottles and boxes - and up to €1,000 per year compared to other flavored drinks (for a family of four).

  • Dare to taste real!

    Put an end to sugar and syrups: draw from nature's full garden and rely on an honest taste experience in a wide variety. So you can decide every day what suits your mood.


    Already knew? With enjoyable fizz you not only save money, but you also save around 1.2 tons of drinks over the course of a year (for a family of four). In addition, with every refill you ensure one liter less diesel consumption. And the best thing is: you no longer need a single plastic bottle!


    Water supplies your cells with oxygen and makes your skin appear fresher. The natural aromas also make your mood shine. By the way, they are completely sugar-free and therefore ideal for diabetics.

The best ideas are sometimes very simple – and yet innovative. This is also the case with us: Because we bring the aroma and carbon dioxide directly into the water in just one process, we save time, money, packaging and resources. The result: an unmistakable, natural taste with carbonation just as you need it.


Origins and Future

Since 1906, our dams in the middle of Germany have been providing millions of people with the most important thing people need to live: natural and clean drinking water. After over 100 years, with all the knowledge and decades of experience, we have now managed to give your water something more. The unmistakable natural taste.


    Biogenic carbon dioxide from our home Thuringia and selected natural flavors ensure 100% quality in taste. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 16949 and the food standard ISO 22000 and monitors the production of products throughout the entire process chain. Our new TÜV-tested cylinders are made in Germany, from manufacturing to filling with carbon dioxide. Our direct customer support and intelligent exchange system make our product not only unique, but also desirable for our customers and dealers.


    Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and ensures the use of multiple shipping processes. By returning our products to the recycling cycle, we stand by our obligation and responsibility to produce and recycle in a way that conserves raw materials and resources.

We work with biogenic CO₂

CO₂ is irreplaceable for the beverage and food industries due to its useful properties. It can make food in its packaging last longer or create the typical fizzy experience in drinks and thereby stimulate the taste buds. But CO₂ is not the same as CO₂.

Especially in times of increasing climate change, it is important to us to treat our nature with care. For this reason we use a very special form of carbon dioxide.

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Conventional CO₂

Carbon dioxide, which can later form carbonic acid, is currently mainly produced in the course of industrial processes.

For example, in natural gas processing. These fossil sources release CO₂ that was stored long ago and is now released into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide obtained in this way can also be referred to as “fossil” CO₂ and further enriches the content of the climate-damaging gas in the air.


Our carbon dioxide, however, is obtained as a by-product in the production of bioethanol. Various plant raw materials are used for this, such as grain and sugar beet.

As a result of alcoholic fermentation, raw gas containing CO₂ is produced in bioethanol plants. Using a sophisticated process, this is then processed into biogenic CO₂, which can be used in food.

In this cycle, only as much CO₂ is released as was previously removed from the atmosphere during plant growth, meaning that the CO₂ content in the air does not increase any further.

The biogenic carbon dioxide we use is a particularly environmentally friendly alternative that allows us to produce even more sustainable products.