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Suitable for all common soda makers, with screw threads

except electrically powered devices.

  • 100 % BIOGENIC CO2!





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Geschmack, ich drück dich!

Mit unseren CO2-Zylindern drückst du deinen Sprudler auf eine ganz besondere Art. Denn neben Kohlensäure kommt auch der Geschmack von Äpfeln, Zitronen oder Orangen gleich mit. Drück dich durch zu deinem neuen Lieblingsgeschmack.

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CO2 is irreplaceable for the beverage and food industries due to its useful properties. It can make food in its packaging last longer or create the typical fizzy experience in drinks and thereby stimulate the taste buds. But CO₂ is not the same as CO₂. Especially in times of increasing climate change, it is important to us to treat our nature with care. For this reason we use a very special form of carbon dioxide.

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It's not just our taste that makes us special. We also make your life easier when it comes to installing it in your home soda maker and operating it. Our soda cylinders with screw caps fit perfectly into all standard soda makers (except DUO, TERRA, Art and Crystal 3.0 from Sodastream and electronic devices).

Information about compatible carbonators

Frequently asked questions

Which cylinders can I return as exchange cylinders?

With us you can not only return original SodaTASTE cylinders that you have previously purchased from us, because we also accept screw-on cylinders from third-party suppliers. You can recognize this by the bronze-colored screw valve (two turns) at the top. If it is a so-called “Quick Connect cylinder” (without a screw thread), we unfortunately cannot accept it. In addition, your cylinder should be functional. It should therefore not have any holes, dents or other serious damage that would make it unsuitable for further use render use unusable. Unfortunately, we cannot recycle old steel cylinders and therefore do not accept them. Therefore, pay attention Make sure your copy is made of aluminum.

Where can I have my SodaTASTE cylinder replaced or refilled?

You can get your exchange cylinder via our webshop as well as at Kaufland and in more and more REWE and Nahkauf branches. You can order an exchange box with the same number of cylinders as you already have at home when empty via our own online shop. After you have received our exchange box, you can remove your new CO₂ cylinders and place the empty, undamaged cylinders in the exchange box. Please attach the enclosed return label to the package and then send it back to us. You have 21 days to return the empty cylinders. If the deadline is exceeded, you will be charged the difference between the exchange and purchase cylinder. This is €10.50 for classic cylinders and €15 for aroma cylinders.

Which soda makers are the CO₂ cylinders from SodaTASTE compatible with?

The CO₂ cylinders from SodaTASTE are manufactured according to the European standard ISO 7866 and can therefore be used for all common soda makers with a screw system. What differs from this are so-called “quick connect systems” (currently DUO, TERRA, ART & Crystal 3.0 from Sodastream). Unfortunately, due to their different attachment, they cannot use screw cylinders. But here too we are working on it, so that we will soon be able to offer cylinders developed in-house that are suitable for the Quick Connect system. Due to the diversity within the world of soda makers, each device reacts slightly differently when filled. We recommend that you gradually test how quickly your water bubbles when you use the cylinder for the first time.

What does biogenic CO₂ or bio-CO₂ mean?

We only use carbon dioxide from bioethanol plants for our SodaTASTE products. This means we use a climate-neutral raw material from natural agriculture and can be even more sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can find out more about this topic on our “About us” subpage.
  • We love the aroma - perfect if you don't like pure water or the intensely sweet taste of lemonade. Trustpilot
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  • Brilliant idea to add flavor to the carbonation. Taste without sugar and sweeteners. Google Reviews
  • Super great idea carbonation and aroma at the same time, works great! Trustpilot
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  • For me, water has to have a bit of taste and this is the optimal solution. Google Reviews
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