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Handling our CO₂ cylinders and bubblers

Using our CO₂ cylinders is simple and uncomplicated. We fit all water soda makers for screw-on cylinders. These are all except DUO, TERRA, ART & Crystal 3.0 from Sodastream.
Here we have provided some information for you that can help you with the first installation and use.

It's this easy

  • Screw the cylinder into the soda maker.
  • Simply bubble 2-4 times (depending on your personal taste).
  • Wait 10-15 seconds for the foam to settle.
  • Carefully remove the bottle and enjoy a natural aroma.

Due to the diversity within the world of soda makers, each device reacts slightly differently when filled. We recommend that you gradually test how quickly your water bubbles when you use the cylinder for the first time.

The CO₂ cylinders from SodaTASTE are manufactured according to the European standard ISO 7866 and are therefore suitable for all common soda makers with a screw thread (e.g. Duo, Terra, Art, Gaia & Crystal from Sodastream and electrically operated devices are not compatible).

As with a good beer, some foam may form in the bottle when bottling. This happens primarily with new cylinders and depending on the local water quality and the type of device used. However, this is not a problem. The foam sets after just a few seconds and then disappears completely. Please only remove the water bottle from the bubbler once the foam has settled.