How to use

Handling our CO₂ cylinders and sparkling water makers

Using our CO₂ cylinders is simple and uncomplicated. Of course, they also fit in all common sparkling water makers, except DUO, TERRA, ART & Crystal 3.0 from Sodastream.
Here we have provided some information for you that may help you with the first installation and use.
Operation and application

It's that simple


Screw the cylinder into the bubbler.


Simply bubble 2-4 times

(depending on personal taste).


Wait 10-15 seconds until the foam has settled.


Remove the bottle carefully and enjoy a natural aroma.

Due to the diversity within the world of water sprays, each device reacts slightly differently when filling. We recommend that you gradually test how quickly your water is sparkling when using the cylinder for the first time.

Aufsprudeln leicht gemacht

Unser kurzer Weg von der Montage zum Genuss

So erkennst du einen leeren Zylinder

Frequently asked questions

With which water sprinklers are the CO₂ cylinders from SodaTASTE compatible?

SodaTASTE's CO₂ cylinders are manufactured in accordance with the European standard ISO 7866 and can therefore be used for all common water sprinklers with a screw system (except Sodastream DUO, TERRA, ART & Crystal 3.0) on the market.

Is it normal for foam to form when bubbling?

Yes, that is completely normal. As with a good beer, some foam may form in the bottle during filling. This happens especially with new cylinders and depending on the local water quality and the type of machine used. However, this is not a problem. The foam settles after a few seconds and then disappears completely. Please do not remove the water bottle from the bubbler until the foam has settled.

How often should you bubble for an ideal result?

This depends on your personal taste. The more often you press the carbonation button, the more flavour there is in the water. We recommend bubbling 3-4 times.

How can I check if my cylinder is empty?

There are several ways to determine if your CO₂ cylinder is empty. First of all, please make sure that the cylinder is screwed in correctly and, if necessary, tighten it again by turning it to the right. If there is still no carbon dioxide in the water and you don't hear any hissing when you press the button, the cylinder may be empty. To check this, you can also weigh it with a household scale. The weight of a full SodaTASTE cylinder is approx. 1200g. An empty cylinder weighs only about 760g.