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Hinweis für Tauschzylinder

Du kannst diese bequem innerhalb der nächsten 21 Tage an uns zurückschicken. Andernfalls müssen wir den gesparten Differenzbetrag zwischen Tausch- und Kaufzylinder nachberechnen. Nutze hierzu einfach die Versandbox inkl. Retourlabel, die wir dir zukommen lassen.

You get a filling for approx. 60l with German quality food carbonic acid (E290) and natural aroma (except Classic).

Due to the diversity within the world of water sprays, each device reacts slightly differently when filling. We recommend that you gradually test how quickly your water bubbles when using your first cylinder. When using electric bubble devices, we would like to point out that the bubble button must be stopped manually after about one second, as the pressure equalisation from the device itself takes place too late and uncontrolled foaming occurs.

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Our CO₂ cylinders are good for the environment because they eliminate the need to transport loads of water boxes. Help us improve our carbon footprint by ordering economy packs that reduce emissions from packaging and transport!

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Kaufzylinder Classic Aroma
Einzeln: 19,99€ 18,49€ 29,98€ 24,99€
Im 2er Pack: 17,99€ 16,99€ 24,99€ 22,49€
Im 3er Pack: 16,99€ 15,99€ 22,49€ 21,24€
Ab 4er Pack: 16,49€ 15,49€ 21,24€ 19,98€
Tauschzylinder Classic Aroma
Einzeln: 9,99€ 8,99€ 14,98€ 12,49€
Im 2er Pack: 8,49€ 7,49€ 12,49€ 10,99€
Im 3er Pack: 6,99€ 5,99€ 10,99€ 9,99€
Ab 4er Pack: 5,49€ 4,99€ 9,99€ 8,99€

Of course, you can mix all cylinder variants according to your taste - the discount will be calculated automatically and displayed later in the ordering process.

Frequently asked questions

Welche Zylinder darf ich als Tauschzylinder zurücksenden?

Bei uns kannst du nicht nur Original-SodaTASTE-Zylinder zurücksenden, die du bereits vorher bei uns erworben hast, denn wir nehmen auch Schraubzylinder von Fremdanbeitern. Diese erkennst du am bronzefarbenen Schraubventil (zwei Windungen) am oberen Ende. Falls es sich um einen sogenannten "Quick-Connect-Zylinder" handelt (ohne Schraubgewinde), können wir diesen leider nicht annehmen.

Zusätzlich sollte dein Zylinder funktional sein. Er sollte also keine Löcher, Dellen oder andere schwerwiegenden Beschädigungen aufweisen, die ihn für eine weitere
Verwendung unbrauchbar machen.

Auch alte Stahl-Zylinder können wir leider nicht wiederverwerten und daher nicht annehmen. Achte daher
darauf, dass dein Exemplar aus Aluminium ist.

With which water sprinklers are the CO₂ cylinders from SodaTASTE compatible?

The CO₂ cylinders from SodaTASTE are manufactured according to the European standard ISO 7866 and can therefore be used for all common water bubblers with a screw system. The so-called "Quick Connect systems" (currently DUO, TERRA, ART & Crystal 3.0 from Sodastream) differ from this. Due to their different attachment, these unfortunately cannot use screw cylinders. But we are working on this too, so that we will soon be able to offer cylinders developed in-house to fit the Quick Connect system. Due to the diversity within the world of water bubblers, every device reacts slightly differently when filling. We recommend that you use the cylinder for the first time and gradually test how quickly your water is sparkling.

How does return shipping work when exchanging empty CO₂ cylinders?

The return label is enclosed in the SodaTASTE exchange box that we send you. You have a total of 21 days to return the empty cylinders. If we have not received your return by the end of this period, we will invoice you for the difference between the exchange and purchase cylinders.

What are the ingredients of the flavours?

We offer our SodaTASTE cylinders in the flavours ginger, lemon, apple and orange. Depending on the flavour, the natural flavour is contained as a flavour extract.