Water bottles (1 litre)

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Here you can get our reusable water bottles in a practical double pack. They are compatible with all Mysoda sparkling water makers and have a quick-release cap, which makes sparkling very easy. Our water bottles are BPA-free, so they don't contain the problematic plasticiser Bispenol A. In addition, your future water bottles have been awarded the "Design from Finland" seal. So they are pretty stylish companions.

For the sake of the environment, they are not made of fossil plastic. Their head and foot are made of almost 100 % renewable biocomposite. These are by-products and residues from the pulp and sawmill industry. The resulting wood fibre nuggets visible on the surface give each bottle a unique look.

The reusable Mysoda water bottles are compatible with all Mysoda water sprinklers, as well as with water sprinklers from Wassermaxx, Aqvia, Sodapop, Drinkmate and Levivo.

Please do not clean them with a dishwasher. We recommend using a mild dishwashing detergent and warm water, as this is what your new bottle likes best by far.

Included in this order:

  • 2 water bottles for one litre of water each
  • made from wood-based biocomposite
made from wood-based biocomposite
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