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It is especially popular among Germans: sparkling water. According to the Association of German Mineral Springs, 7.786 billion liters of sparkling mineral water were sold in 2020 alone. This is roughly the equivalent to the content of 3,305 Olympic-sized swimming pools! In no other country is sparkling water as popular as here, which is why more and more people are resorting to a soda maker. And why not? Our tap water is subject to strict controls and in some places is more mineral-rich than bottled water. The cost is only a fraction of what you would pay for water bottles at the supermarket. But what other advantages can a soda maker offer you? There are quite a few.

The benefits of soda makers

Soda makers and their quality have come a long way in recent decades. A lot has changed, from the materials used to the ease of use. There are many advantages for you to discover:

  1. The price – Even if the initial purchase of a soda maker seems expensive to you, the purchase pays off quickly. Tap water is much cheaper than water from the supermarket and even the CO2 cylinders are more economical per litre. Once you have purchased a soda maker, it will stay with you for a long time. The soda makers from Mysoda in our shop even work without electricity. Save even more money!

  2. Storage – Water bottles from the supermarket take up space. Especially in a rather small apartment, the storage of water bottles can quickly become annoying. In the kitchen, the boxes take up a lot of space and don’t exactly serve to beautify the room. A soda maker, on the other hand, not only looks aesthetic, but also takes up little space on its own. Even if you buy a box of CO2 cylinders in stock, it's still a space-saving alternative.

  3. Time and energy – A trip to the supermarket with the subsequent hauling of heavy boxes takes energy and is time-consuming. With a soda maker, the effort here is significantly lower. You already have the necessary tap water at home and we will deliver the SodaTASTE CO2 cylinders conveniently to your front door.

  4. Versatility – Thanks to our selection of flavoured CO2 cylinders, your sparkling water will never be boring. Maybe you also want to try your own creations and mix sparkling water with fresh or frozen fruit? With our tasteless CO2 cylinders, you can experiment for yourself. Found an extravagant new taste? Feel free to let us know on our social media channels!

  5. Sustainability – With a soda maker, you not only relieve your wallet and back, but also the environment. This allows you to keep empty cylinders in circulation. If you already have them at home, you can get your next order even cheaper with 'exchange cylinders'. We can then process them again. In contrast to water in glass or plastic bottles, less CO2 is produced by transport in this way.


How does a soda maker work?

Basically, all soda makers have a very similar structure. The operation is intuitive and usually does not require complicated instructions. Nevertheless, we will give you a brief overview of the Mysoda soda makers and their functions. Convince yourself of the simplicity of our soda maker.

1 – By turning on the bubbler, the CO2 cylinder can be easily replaced. To do this, open the upper part of the soda maker in no time at all and unscrew the empty cartridge and put in a new one.

2 – The matching Mysoda bottle can be easily attached to the bubbler gland. When attaching, just make sure that the bubble gland is just covered with water.

3 – On the device, you will find the push button of your soda maker. When you press it, you add the desired amount of carbonic acid to your water. And that's it!

The use of Mysoda soda makers is easy and possible for everyone. It is particularly great that our bubblers work without electricity. So you can use them everywhere!

Where can I buy suitable CO2 cylinders for the soda maker?

In the Ruby and Woody soda maker basic package, you already get a CO2 cartridge that delivers about 60 liters of sparkling water free of charge. Quite a lot! But where do you get new cartridges for your soda maker?

Our soda makers

At SodaTASTE, you can easily put together a package of cylinders in different flavors yourself. With our different tastes, we bring variety to your sparkling water! When the cylinders are empty, they can be easily exchanged in our shop. This way you will get a replacement cylinder of your choice at a lower price! You can find out more at this link:

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Why should you buy a Mysoda soda soda maker right now?

Mysoda soda makers combine design and sustainability in one. The soda maker and the accompanying bottles are the secret here: they are not made of fossil plastic, but of renewable wood composite.

Not only the sustainability, but also the simple design and the ease of use are convincing. At 2.6 kilograms, the soda maker Woody is a real flyweight and can be used anywhere. Since the soda makers do not use electricity, they are not only practical at home, but also in the garden or even when traveling. This will save you space in your luggage, as they only ever need tap water on site.

Caring for your soda maker

To ensure that your soda maker gives you pleasure for as long as possible, regular care is important. This will prevent germs and bacteria from spreading and your soda maker from breaking. The supplied water bottle should be cleaned regularly with lukewarm water and dish soap. This is where a bottle brush helps you to reach every nook and cranny even in the bottle.

You can wipe the soda maker externally with a damp cloth as needed. Due to the simple design, there are few edges in which dirt and dust can get trapped.