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As we all know, water is the elixir of life for all of us. It is healthy and very refreshing, especially chilled. Despite this, some people have trouble getting enough water. Too little fluid intake has consequences: your concentration drops and you are more susceptible to headaches. Other consequences can be listlessness and tiredness. Do you still find water just too boring? Then what about flavored water?


Discover flavoured water without sugar!

Many people are concerned about the sugar content in their drinks. In fact, sugar is one of the main reasons why many people try to reach for soft drinks or other sugary drinks less often. Carbonated water is a popular choice because it's refreshing and contains no calories or artificial additives. But sometimes you long for a little variety and a taste experience? That's where flavoured sparkling water comes into play, which you can easily and conveniently make at home with a soda maker.

At SodaTASTE, we want to make flavored water not only more diverse and affordable for you, but also healthier. Our CO2 cylinders do not contain any sugar and give your water the fresh and mild variety you are looking for with natural fruit flavors. We also completely avoid other additives such as sweeteners. SodaTASTE's CO2 cylinders are the healthy alternative to lemonade or sweetened water with flavour from the supermarket.


It's easy to make your own flavoured water

A soda maker is a handy device that carbonates regular tap water. This creates sparkling water that you can enjoy as you wish. But you can go one step further and add different flavours to the water.

With SodaTASTE's CO2 cylinders, you can easily create flavoured water at home. Whether it's apple, lemon, orange, lime, mint, coconut, raspberry, or even ginger: SodaTASTE's CO2 cylinders offer a wide variety. A press of the button on your soda maker, and the taste becomes much more exciting! The variety of different flavoured waters finally creates the desire to drink more. This way, you can ensure that your entire family stays hydrated with enough water, and there's something for everyone in the family. 


The benefits of homemade flavoured water

The advantages of sparkling water with flavor from the soda maker are obvious. On the one hand, you can customize the taste and vary it depending on your mood. On a hot summer's day, the lemon note refreshes you, while on a cozy evening you prefer a tingling experience with ginger. You have full control over the ingredients. Unlike many industrially produced beverages, SodaTASTE CO2 cylinders do not contain any sugar or artificial additives.

Another big advantage is sustainability. By using a soda maker, you significantly reduce your consumption of plastic bottles. Instead of constantly buying new bottles, you can simply use tap water and fizz and flavour it as needed. This is not only good for the environment! In our online shop, you have the option of having the used CO2 cylinders refilled for a discount. In this way, you contribute to environmental protection and protect your wallet at the same time.

Flavoured water from the soda maker is an ideal alternative to industrially produced lemonades and sweetened beverages. It allows you to enjoy a healthy, refreshing and individually adapted refreshment without sacrificing pleasure. With a wide variety of flavours and the ease of use of the soda maker, there is something for everyone. Try it out for yourself and discover the sparkling world of sparkling flavoured water!


Flavoured water in the SodaTASTE online shop

In our online shop, you'll find everything you need for making flavoured water. This includes primarily CO2 cylinders with carbon dioxide and flavour. Choose from eight exciting flavours or try them all. Here's the deal: the more cylinders in your cart, the greater the cost savings for you! When your CO2 cylinders are empty, you can exchange them for new ones at a discounted price. Plus, you always have the freedom to choose your preferred flavours.

With our basic packages, you can enjoy flavoured water at an even more affordable price. Get the high-quality and sustainable soda makers from Mysoda, complete with a matching water bottle and a neutral CO2 cylinder without flavour. With SodaTASTE's value packages, you have the opportunity to experience even more. By combining a basic package with up to four CO2 cylinders of your choice, you can save up to 25%! Browse through our assortment and discover your favorite flavour!